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當看了很多電影但太懶太忙太病不想打觀後感的時候,便會覺得微博很有用。但我不微博,所以不能搬字過紙140字湊夠當blog post。《殺手歐陽盆栽》、《In Time》、《Margin Call》令人失望;《Drive》的「一味靠chok」令我更加失望,《Tower Heist》意外地過癮,本來想講《星空》,但已忘了自己想講甚麼,只想說很喜歡這電影 (而我從來都不喜歡幾米)和五月天的主題曲(而我從來都不喜歡五月天)。


About iamjam

2009 年1月19日晚,我在灣仔會展一邊看《An Evening With David Byrne》一邊打SMS,驚覺"COCK"與"ANAL"原來屬同一個T9碼。 這是一個SIGN:可能我真的要開個BLOG了。
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One Response to Nov Films

  1. lamlunc says:

    ooooo i loved Tower Heist too! I have liked Ben Stiller a long time (did i ever tell you that i have a thing for shorties….Michael J Fox, Billy Crystal…him…) he looked so..capable in the movie wahaha

    i liked the song too, tho i think it was better in the end of the movie than before i watched the MV before the screening

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