Nov Films


I much enjoyed all four films I saw in the theatre this month.

Didn’t plan to see <The Life of Pi> at all but a colleague kept urging so I went out of curiosity. It amazed me. A journey in search of faith, love and hope there is no happy ending but only lesson confronting and living with one’s fear and demon. There are so many things I wish I have known earlier in life but you just don’t before going through some epic fails. And there’s nothing bad about it, nothing worth regretting for, though you feel sorry in hindsight. One can only hope to be wiser and do better next time. The film does make me want to pick up the book, though there has already been a pile of books stacking on my desk……

Here’s my favourite quote of the film, I can only find the version in the book:

“It’s important in life to conclude things properly. Only then can you let go. Otherwise you are left with words you should have said but never did, and your heart is heavy with remorse. That bungled goodbye hurts me to this day. I wish so much that I’d had one last look at him in the lifeboat, that I’d provoked him a little, so that I was on his mind. I wish I had said to him then – yes, I know, to a tiger, but still – I wish I had said, “Richard Parker, it’s over. We have survived. Can you believe it? I owe you more gratitude than I can express I couldn’t have done it without you. I would like to say it formally: Richard Parker, thank you. Thank you for saving my life. And now go where you must. You have known the confined freedom of a zoo most of your life; now you will know the free confinement of a jungle. I wish you all the best with it. Watch out for Man. He is not your friend. But I hope you will remember me as a friend. I will never forget you , that is certain. You will always be with me, in my heart. What is that hiss? Ah, our boat has touched sand. So farewell, Richard Parker, farewell. God be with you.”

<Skyfall> is unbelievably stylish and Daniel Craig is looking better and better in every film. Epic. And they open the film in Turkey! Istanbul and Fetiyhe! Who would have thought of that! I agree <The Words> can be much better but still I love the idea of – depending how you interpret the ending – how a writer a) needs to “accept his/her limit” at a certain point in life, b) how a writer indulges in his/her story so much that it’s a part of his/her life. Too many imaginary friends. As for <寒戰> there are parts that I think are a bit too much and not logical (given the film trying so hard so be “real”), and it has been over-analysed, I still enjoy seeing it as a real pleasure of a HK cops (and ICAC) drama.


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2009 年1月19日晚,我在灣仔會展一邊看《An Evening With David Byrne》一邊打SMS,驚覺"COCK"與"ANAL"原來屬同一個T9碼。 這是一個SIGN:可能我真的要開個BLOG了。
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