Another year another Clockenflap. I had a brilliant time thanks to some right company. I didn’t even care what bands were playing as long as we were having fun among ourselves. (Okay except Shamus Dark – bizarrely enough I didn’t notice Shamus Dark was playing in HK until the night before Clockenflap of which I had already missed two performances of him. He is just so bizarrely haunting.) But Saturday already made me so tired that I couldn’t make to the second day. Instead I was staying home all day Sunday tidying up my room and throwing out junks. Getting old, getting old. Also been to Forget the G/ Downer album release and Renaissance music festival lately, but even Minggor cant compare this time… 


About iamjam

2009 年1月19日晚,我在灣仔會展一邊看《An Evening With David Byrne》一邊打SMS,驚覺"COCK"與"ANAL"原來屬同一個T9碼。 這是一個SIGN:可能我真的要開個BLOG了。
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