posted on fb, might as well post it here

dont let it get you

A few things to jot down on the evening of my 2013 birthday –  

1.  Stop being lazy and have more self displicine and efficiency. 
2.  Start training more regularly. Target: 10k next year. And hiking too.
3.  2013 – Australia and Cambodia (maybe Laos too). 2014 – Tibet. 2015 – South Amerca (gotta pick up some basic Spanish as preparation) Turkey encore some time in the horizon too.
4. Stick to more volunteering work – at least sth once a week… Or every two week. lol
5. 30+ mins every day/ every other day reading PROPER books. (As opposite to magazines or random shit I found on my phone screen lol)
6. Can anyone teach me how to sleep less? Why would I feel sleepy all the time even when I know I hv enough sleep already?!
7. No more no more. Quit the game – good advice from the mighty hello kitty editor.
8. Learn to cook properly from Mrs Mok. Target – one dish one week. 

I type these rather randomly but I guess they kind of show pirority themselves. lol

“life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – i am not too far off the radar yet, but i will keep trying. finger crossed. 


About iamjam

2009 年1月19日晚,我在灣仔會展一邊看《An Evening With David Byrne》一邊打SMS,驚覺"COCK"與"ANAL"原來屬同一個T9碼。 這是一個SIGN:可能我真的要開個BLOG了。
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