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perfect sense

Were chilling in a friend’s studio with teammates and one of our friendly sweethearts mentioned about scent. Then I recommended <Perfect Sense> to them and the day I watched it again at home. And I still love that film sooooooooo … Continue reading

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29 (+1)

Every time <29+1> opened I have heard people saying how moved they are by the production. So I gave myself a few excuses to go this time: 1) it is the last run; 2) i am reaching 29+1 myself not too … Continue reading

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Mad World

Dinner with two secondary schoolmates last week and it was pretty eye opening. Everything happens around their lives seem to be a script for a Patrick Kong film. I was pretty much a “mature one” in school (!) but now … Continue reading

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March Films

Was seriously depressed after seeing Rust & Bone, but the next morning I woke up and thought about it again… Wasn’t it a fairy tale in its own way? Silver Linings Playbook is bit overrated… not moved by it at … Continue reading

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