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Time in a Jar

處身在一個堆滿時鐘與記憶的空間,才最在意時間的流逝。 從上年年尾拖至二月,二月拖至六月,最後七月成功避開所有delay,就是為了商賈Mercante。從來未吃這樣的pasta,會令人懷念的味道。Notte Perfetta! Advertisements

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June Films

Only saw three films this month but I love ALL of them. A Late Quartet is probably my favourite film of the year, so intense, so much reflections, so compact. I just LOVE seeing a bunch of middle-aged people arguing … Continue reading

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Safe Distance

「收起窮追不捨的關注和好奇心是一種禮貌。」 偶然讀到這個,很有道理。

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