June Films

late quartet

Only saw three films this month but I love ALL of them. A Late Quartet is probably my favourite film of the year, so intense, so much reflections, so compact. I just LOVE seeing a bunch of middle-aged people arguing with each other. Max Richter rules again at Disconnect… made me wanna see Perfect Sense for the third time. Love the film too, so relevant to our times and well executed. And not only being relevant it actually plays out the core of cyber culture these days – loneliness. I was moved really. And Marc Jacobs is pretty good in this too.

And everyone please go see 狂舞派 when it opens next month, the best thing I have seen in HK cinema for years! Its not perfect, but for the first time I want to clap my hands after the screening finished. Something worth support, pay attention to the young artists inside… for example this beatbox-er ;)


About iamjam

2009 年1月19日晚,我在灣仔會展一邊看《An Evening With David Byrne》一邊打SMS,驚覺"COCK"與"ANAL"原來屬同一個T9碼。 這是一個SIGN:可能我真的要開個BLOG了。
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