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Lesson note

Discussed where anger comes from the other day. Conclusion A) From when people cannot deliver what they say – external anger. B) From when one actually believes people can deliver what they say – internal anger.    Seems it makes … Continue reading

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July Films

一個月看了三套香港電影,《盲探》同《迷離夜》都很喜歡,一是難得瀟灑亮麗的劉華與杜SIR,一是難得又驚又型的靈異片,(陳靜與顏卓靈,我可能喜歡前者多一點……),《飛虎出征》真係唔係好笑得出,也貫徹了彭氏風格,所有人都是無人性的。不過最不得了的是《The Reluctant Fundamentalist》,在戲院看了TRAILER已經暈咁滯,等唔切要找來看,《The Wolverine》的HUGH JACKMAN都被比了下去 (!!)。《Los amantes pasajeros》、《The Internship》都是看了得啖笑,沒有什麼好說。(基本上現在看什麼電影都無乜好講……)

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