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I was awake in the middle of the night a few days ago thinking the same question my high school friends were asking me last night over a drink – where does my distance, my indifference and my complete lack … Continue reading

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從吳哥返港,好像身體和精神比之前更混沌。表面上自由的工作,等於在何時何地也可以打搞你。ANYWAY,一回來便出席了美女大學同學的婚禮 (嘉賓包括Y文和本地著名導演,好癲),同枱基本上都是不太熟的大學同學,其中一位是新娘的EX,一看,基本上與讀書時同一個模樣,衣著、言行、舉止,還是當年的潮童。然後再看看外在和內在條件都優秀到連我(客觀地)也會傾慕的新郎,我在想,這位大學學兄是什麼感受。你的另一半有多 “Presentable”,與你有多愛對方無尤,而是代表你對他有多信心。  那些什麼港男港女的討論,從來覺得有點誇張有點以偏概全。只是,你希望自己成為一個怎樣的人、你希望你的另一半是怎樣的人,和你的另一半希望你是一個怎樣的人,那個落差,怎麼承受。

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If I walked pass a few mins earlier or a few mins later I wouldn’t have seen it. That’s the way everything happens. 

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Oct Films

Something posted on Facebook after watching Blue Jasmine… The most disturbing and depressing film by Woody Allen ever for me – even Crimes and Misdemeanours sheds some lights and hope at the end. This one is just hopeless. A few random thoughts … Continue reading

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